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Privacy Policy

At Singapore Massage Services, we take care of the identity and privacy of all our clients by offering discreet and private Singapore massage services. You are free to investigate our website or call on our phone number if you have any concern with respect to booking massage service. We promise you that all your worries associated with the services offered by our Singapore Massage Center will be addressed seriously. All our clients are free to express their own particular conditions and terms related to the protection arrangement. We will consent to them without any bond, no matter whatever the length of time will be.

Our sole mission is to furnish the relationship with our clients, which will make us their favorite. There is a need to furnish us with some data, which will require to proceeding the exchange. We can assure you that the information offered by you will never be misused. You should remain tension free while having a massage in Singapore because the information you have given to us will entirely remain between us and you. We operate our massage center on the personal approach that of not giving any data about our customers to an outsider. We will first request your authorization if a condition arises where we have to give out any information provided by you.

Your privacy has a significant importance to us and that’s why we take personal care of it. We offer the clients absolute discretion and reliability. We never sell or trade any personal information related to our Singapore massage Center in any manner. Any changes in the privacy policy will be shown on our website instantly.

A variety of security measures are implemented by our team to maintain the safety of the client’s personal information. The Singapore Massage Services offer the use of a secure server to the customers.

You can contact us by calling our phone number or email on our email id if you have any questions regarding our privacy policy. Feel free to contact us anytime without any reason to worry to enjoy a massage in Singapore.

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